Donut Tour 2010: The Video

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We planned the donut tour. We did the donut tour. We ate donuts.

We made five stops on the tour, but this video only covers four of them. We were too stuffed to say anything about Japonais, even though the donuts there were delicious.

Here’s the full lineup:

National Donut Day is big here. Sandee has a National Donut Day post and my pictures are on Flickr (and linked below).  This is, as Sandee says, a “kick in the pants to appreciate a special part of [your] daily life.” Go get a donut, darn it.

Cheeseburger Donut at Donna's Donuts Steak and Cheese Donut at Donna's Donuts Meg and Will inspect the specialties at Donna's Donuts Meatball Sub Donut at Donna's Donuts Bill Wilson Jr. fills the jelly cream donuts at Donna's Donuts A packed dozen from Ziggy's Donuts Fresh Bismarks at Ziggy's Donuts the giant honey dipped donuts at Kane's Donuts A box of yum from Kane's Donuts Will explains how size matters A fresh tray of Kane's famously oversized cinnamon rolls Sandee shocked at the size of it Donut Tour 2010 Sun Guang Bakery's "donuts" Sun Guang Bakery's "donuts" Curry Donuts at Japonaise Cliff, a proud Donut Tour 2010 adventurer Japonaise Bakery, Brookline MA