What is David McNicol’s URL Cache Plugin?

The description to David McNicol’s URL Cache Plugin raises more questions than it answers:

Given a URL, the url_cache() function will attempt to download the file it represents and return a URL pointing to this locally cached version.

Where did he plan to use it? Does he envision the cache as an archive, or for performance?¬†Why hasn’t it been updated since 2005?

It caught my interest because I’ve long been interested in a solution to link rot in my blog. A real “perma-permalink” would be very useful.

4 thoughts on “What is David McNicol’s URL Cache Plugin?

  1. I used to do that when I blogged a link. I’d visit the page and use Firefox to save in a dated folder. That was about 5 years ago and haven’t done it since, and many of the links on my older posts have rotted away …

  2. I wrote the URL Cache plugin to be used by some of my other plugins that fetched data from web sites like Flickr and Last.fm. By caching the results of API queries and storing image thumbnails locally, it meant that my own little web site would not fall over when the other web site APIs became unresponsive.

    I stopped coding in my free time a few years ago, hence the lack of further development, but the code should still be available on the WordPress plugin development site.

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