Do We Need A WordPress Common Invite or Challenge-Response API?

The BuddyPress forums have a number of threads about handling invitations (two worth looking at: one, two), but no real solution has emerged. At the same time, there’s also a need for some means of confirming other actions such as password resets, email changes (both of those are already handled by WPMU, I know), cell phone numbers to receive SMS messages, and other actions that need to be confirmed later.

So I’m proposing a generic API to handle things like this. The built-in WordPress cron and ajax functions seem to offer a clear pattern for creating such an API: Simply, plugins and core code could register an action and a function to be called when that action is executed. The API could also store data to be sent to that function when it is executed.

Among the things I’d do with this?

  • Confirm email addresses
  • Confirm cell phone numbers via text message
  • Confirm IM accounts
  • Confirm Twitter accounts
  • Confirm password reset requests
  • Confirm invitations in BuddyPress

Anybody else interested?

2 thoughts on “Do We Need A WordPress Common Invite or Challenge-Response API?

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  2. I’ll put a vote in for this functionality!

    It would be nice to somehow create a set of invite rules in the management application so that it would work in a similar way to how Gmail gave out limited access to the site, and you had to know someone that already had an account to get an invite, and existing users were only given a certain number of invites to give out.

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