What’s The Best Panorama Stitching App For iPhone?

I spent some time looking for panorama-related apps for the iPhone and came up with the following:

I’ve actually played with PanoLab a bit (landscape, portrait) after seeing p0ps Harlow using it.

3 thoughts on “What’s The Best Panorama Stitching App For iPhone?

  1. Lately, I use Autiostitch for making panos.
    I don’t often use PanoLab Pro anymore, it is very limited – ok for less than 9 images, actually more useful for making collages.
    Autostitch is like Calico Panomaker on the desktop. Very robust, it stitches and blends 30 – 40 overlapping photos. It is very forgiving, can handle different angles and distance, as long as the each photo overlaps about 30%.

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