Turning A Podcast Track Into A Music Track in iTunes

I subscribe to a few song of the day podcasts, which makes it easy to get the tracks, but difficult to enjoy them as music in iTunes. But podcast tracks can’t be simply moved over to the music section of your library, it takes a little finagling.

There’s a lot of advice out there suggesting you use one of the menu commands to convert the track to MP3 or AAC, but I prefer not to re-encode my music, and that’s a big hammer for a small problem. To wit: all you really need to do is remove a special ID3 tag that iTunes adds to podcast files to identify them as such. You could use an app like Jaikoz Audio Tagger to strip that tag one-by-one, but you can do it faster all within iTunes.

Select the files, the right-click and select "convert id3 tags..." convert the id3 tags to 1.0 or 1.1

  1. Select the podcast tracks you’d like to move to your music library
  2. Right-click (or Control-click) on them and select the Convert ID3 Tags… option from the contextual menu
  3. Convert the tag version to v1.0 or v.1.1
  4. Copy the tracks to a folder on your desktop or some other temporary location
  5. Delete the podcast tracks from iTunes
  6. Add the tracks you’d temporarily copied to your desktop back to iTunes (you can probably delete the tracks from your desktop when done with this step)
  7. Enjoy those tracks as regular music

18 thoughts on “Turning A Podcast Track Into A Music Track in iTunes

  1. How do I do the reverse and change an mp3 audio file into a podcast, so tht it’ll appear in the podcast section of my itunes library?

  2. Hi,

    Is it possible to do this in reverse, turn an mp3 into a podcast? i have a few old podcasts that have been turned into mp3 and it would be good to get them back in my podcast listing


  3. THANK YOU!!!!! I’d been struggling forever trying to figure out how to move items from the podcasts folder. This so completely did the trick!

  4. Just thought I’d pass this on… I don’t know when this feature was added, but you can now modify this field directly in iTunes. Select a track in iTunes, hit Cmd + I (or right click and click on Get Info), choose the “Options” tab, and then select the “Media type” from the dropdown menu. If you change this field from “Podcast” to “Music”, the file will drop out of the Podcast section immediately and reappear in your Music Library.

  5. This is by FAR the best method of doing this. I have looked around and only previously found the method via Terminal or Converting the files, but this is MUCH more elegant. Thanks!

  6. How do you copy the song from your podcasts? I can’t seem to paste it anywhere except in playlists, but its still a podcast

  7. The bad thing about doing the Get Info – Options change media type is that even when the podcasts are moved to the music folder they still play from where they last left off.

    Changing the ID3 tag treats it just like any other song and will play from the start of the track when it is selected or shuffled up.

  8. Hi there, do you have suggestions for doing this in iTunes 10? I have tried both suggestions above… it appears the ability to convert ID3 has been taken off the menu for this version, and re: second suggestion, podcasts are already listed as ‘music’ in the options folder, so this did not change anything either.
    From the options folder i was able to get the real url of the podcast, which opened in a different window in Safari… but that is about all I’ve been able to do that felt like ‘progress’.
    I’m a musician and am trying to get access to a radio show that I played on – which I can access as a podcast archive for two weeks only – so I’d like to be able to turn it into an mp3 that I can keep and/or email to my friends. (as right now I don’t have recordings of most of the songs I played.) Help?
    Thank you!

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