USB Hacking

So I’d like to get this old USB video capture device working in OS X, but the vendor has quit the business and no OS X drivers are around for it. A little searching on the web netted the following how-to on making one vendor’s USB device drivers work with another vendor’s products. The details relate to USB WiFi adapters, but we can generalize.

With the tips in that story in mind, we can face down the next question: are there any drivers that might be made to work with my USB device? Its a Global Village VideoFX, and it appears to be based on Nogatech’s USBVision (VideoFX USB details here). I think XLR8’s InterView was based on the same hardware, and drivers are available from EchoFX.

[UPDATE]: EchoFX has released a new version of their application/driver package that supports a number of USB capture devices. I’ll have to download the demo version and try ’em out.

6 thoughts on “USB Hacking

  1. Came across this while generating self interest for hacking usb drivers. I have 3 hardware mp3 players with bad music management software and proprietary win32 drivers.

    Don’t know anything yet about reverse engineering these players or their drivers, but want to learn pronto.

    Good luck!


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