13 thoughts on “McGill University Powered by WordPress

  1. I like WordPress, but I could think of a few more robust CMS for a University. How is it holding up?

  2. WordPress Mu is an ideal solution for universities, as it allows not only an easy and straightforward setup for both the administrator and the end users, but it also allows a great amount of flexibility and control. It’s great for deprecating the older system of having teachers and staff members learn and figure out on their own how to program a simple HTML website, and understand how to access and maintain their website after they sent their pages for upload and approval. WPMU helps eliminate many of those steps, worries, and hideous designs. BuddyPress may seem nice and featured, but the social networking aspect is for now, a little beyond what a university should aim to be managing.

  3. What will be interesting to see is if all of the people who use the blogging abilities end up monetizing their blogs. If everyone puts up Google Adsense ads and links to Amazon in their blogs, how will the university take that? If all of the students try to market their blogs and endorse products, will the university be held liable? I think it will be fun to watch as this goes forward.

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