Fiddling With Open Source Software for Libraries Theme

oss4lib interior page

I generally liked CommentPress, but when the Institute for the Future of the Book website went down recently, it started throwing errors in the dashboard. So I decided to re-do the Open Source Software For Libraries website using Derek Powazek’s DePo Masthead.

I think it’s a beautifully readable theme, and I only had to make a few modifications. I’ve ostensibly lost CommentPress’ paragraph-level commenting features, but I discovered those may have been broken all along (that was what started me thinking about replacing the theme). I still have lots of work to do on the site, like inserting the footnotes, illustrations, and the final chapter (Ryan Eby’s guide to open source software for the server-side of your library).

4 thoughts on “Fiddling With Open Source Software for Libraries Theme

  1. It’s an interesting theme, it took some digging, but I found that they did make it available via Subversion checkout. In Linux, the SVN command to get it is:

    svn checkout

    Then you can zip it:

    zip -r depo-masthead

    And finally upload it to your site and preview/activate it.

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