Presidents Change…Presidential Limousines Change

Presidential Limos are armored, yes, but Gregg Merksamer reveals that George W. Bush’s limos sport five-inch thick glass, more than twice as thick as in Clinton’s limo. Merksamer should know, he wrote the book on so-called “professional cars”. He says half an inch is enough to stop a .44 magnum at point blank range, and BMW’s X5 “Security” model features only a little more than that. So what’s it mean when a person needs ten times that amount?

2 thoughts on “Presidents Change…Presidential Limousines Change

  1. Nice car!! Actually i happend to read the book “professional cars” quit back.. I remember its an excellent book with many new information. Inspite of such huge security in car, its realy bad to see great peoples getting assassinated in car. Is things are going wrong by manufactures or criminal?? Very tuff Question to answer isn’t??But this death rate has to be stoped.

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