Acronym Overload: IIS + ISAPI + CAS

I’m working to integrate an application on a remote-hosted IIS server into our CAS environment. CASisapi (svn trunk or svn tags/production) may do the trick, though Phil Sladen struggled with it (in 2005). There’s reason to doubt it. Not only is the sparse information all old, I first learned about it from a page full of broken links and the apparent author recommends against it. There’s a little more information here for those who can read Danish.

UC Davis’ CAS ISAPI client may be a better solution (it certainly looks easy to install). Builder AU talks about .NET + CAS, and Case Western has a lot of documentation. Only partially related: it looks like World of Warcraft uses CAS.

One thought on “Acronym Overload: IIS + ISAPI + CAS

  1. Did you ever get this working? I’m trying the UC Davis client today, and I’m getting an error.

    C:\WINNT\system32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exe dies with a “Runtime Error!” (very helpful…) Nothing in the event log to help. I suspect it’s related to the fact that my my CAS server has a homebrew cert, but I don’t know that for sure.

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