Michael Pick Screencast Master

Professional screencast producer Michael Pick has joined Automattic and shuttered Smashcut, his production company.

It’s not all bad, though. He’s been busy making instructional videos for WordPress.com (many of which are useful for WordPress.org users), explaining things like how to manage tags or use the Press This! feature, and answering the question “What should I do first?

What does this suggest about the pro screencasting marketplace? Pick says “this is a huge underdeveloped niche, [with fewer] screencasters with chops than there are jobs.” For my part, I both glad to see him producing those WordPress how-tos, while sad I can’t tap his skills for my own projects. Who else is out there?

Extra: a few nominations from ReadWriteWeb, and an interview with Pick.

One thought on “Michael Pick Screencast Master

  1. Wow, thanks so much Casey – I’m sure you can feel the warmth of my blushes even this far away. We’ve got some really exciting plans for video and WordPress, and the recent FAQ entries are just the start of it. Glad you liked them, though – that’s great news.

    Looking forward to checking out more of your blog here – looks like an incredible resource, with lots of forking paths for me to follow.

    Thanks again,


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