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JSONLint, a JSON validator, was the tool I needed a while ago to be able to play with JSON as format for exchanging data in some APIs I was working on a while ago. And now I like JSON well enough that I’m thinking of using it as an internal data format in one of my applications, especially because it’s relatively easy to work with in JavaScript. Or, at least that’s the promise.

What I’ll need is an easy way to manipulate the contents of a simple array, and these JSON editors may give me a start.

The Braincast JSON editor was the first I found, but it doesn’t allow creation/expansion of the JSON. Katamari‘s JSON editor seems to work and has a lot of features and a post 2005-looking interface, but that doesn’t make it simple. Worse, I don’t think it’s available for me to re-use, modify, or extend in my projects. Thomas Frank‘s JSON editor, on the other hand, does have the features I need and a GPL license. That’s the place to start.

Extra: a JSON diff.

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  1. @Ed:

    No. My intention was to extend WordPress’ edit post screen with some structured blogging-like components (without the suckiness of structured blogging). But you’re right, there’s enough JSON getting thrown around the web that browsers really need to get smarter about how the handle it when there’s no JS to act on it. A clean HTML rendering would be a start.

  2. Hi,

    It saddens me to read that you were unable to create or expand the tree with my editor. It is possible but not very intuitive. If for example you click a node and change its value to: {‘test’:123} and click save you’ll see that adding is possible. (Although very impractical and clumsy)

    It saddens me because I have a much more intuitive version which is 99% done with add and delete buttons and drag and drop functionality in the tree. Unfortunately I have been unable to work on this version due to some personal matters (I changed my job, went on vacation… that kind of stuff, nothing dramatic). I cannot promise anything but this feedback does make me enthusiastic again too give this project a new jump start!



  3. You should check out the Adobe AIR based JSON Pro Viewer.

    It’s a commercial product but is a desktop application that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. You can manage huge JSON documents very easily and in an intuitive interface that looks and feels great.

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