Thesis and f8 — Two Sweet Commercial WordPress Themes

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Good work deserves compensation, but commercial themes are still unusual in the world of WordPress. The new themes directory has well over 200 free themes listed, and the old directory had thousands of them. Still, I like Thesis and f8. Actually, I like a bunch of themes from Graph Paper Press (get them all for $99!). And, as we see WordPress adding so many options that require theme support, the promise of free lifetime upgrades for Thesis is also appealing.

3 thoughts on “Thesis and f8 — Two Sweet Commercial WordPress Themes

  1. Hi Casey. No comment, but instead a question, if you have the time: If a web developer/designer were to use one of these purchased themes to build a site for a client, does “theme by” language need to stay in place? For example, “… powered by WordPress, theme by StudioPress.” Also, can developers include their own plug on a site (e.g. “site by ….”). Thanks in advance for any info you might be able to provide.

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