17 thoughts on “User Contributed Ubuntu Logo

  1. did she suffer pink eye?

    and what the heck is up with Ubuntu constantly screwing up the persistent capability on their distros? they keep messing up but they never get around to fixing it.

  2. I like the way the logo quite clearly has three people round the outside. Now in the real life picture, there are four. This is genesis.

    Can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Actually this looks a lot more like the windows logo then the ubuntu logo, the windows logo is has 4 parts in red yellow green and blue, ubuntu has 3 parts in red orange and yellow… (I’m a translater on Ubuntu so don’t hate me :))

  3. Is that a screenshot of the pro version?! I’ll pay for installation, oh. . . wait. ., right.., anyway.. being open source, just send them over 😀

  4. Nice, I wasn’t expecting this one while I was looking for Ubuntu in Google. lol. Although, I like the look of the yellow one 😛 Yummy.

  5. if i know they will take this photo, i would feed surrounding girls with dry bean, and watch the girl in the middle 😀

  6. Hi all,

    Much as i hate to say this, im pretty sure this IS far more relevant as the Windows logo rather than ubuntu…I’m with AJenbo

    4 rather than 3…and for the real clincher, the girls panties colours (yes Im aussie) match the colours on the windows logo. Though they are not in the same order, ie in the Windows start logo blue, red, green, yellow whereas the girls are in a different order.

    Either way it’s great to see hot chicks representing operating systems 🙂

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