Google has been raved about since it first appeared on the search engine scene four years ago. Now that it’s trounced all the other, however, people are getting concerned about the effects of the monopoly. Google-Watch is leading the charge. Their claim? They say that Google’s PageRank means only that the rich get richer, and they’re concerned about close ties between Google and government snoops.


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  1. to leave a reply it is true that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. this is how it has been for centries. why now make an issue of this, after all we are all born with the same prospects in life , its just what you make of it that makes the difference, I am poor but more richer than the richest person in the world, my ability makes me this way, god would be a great thing if we could see him but a lass may be another day, I am afraid that Its up to the indervidual to make there own devices in life. fair well to all. we are in a monopoly and Xmas is comming

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