2 thoughts on “You Are Being Lied To

  1. Here are a few more gems from The Disinformation Company:

    “What is most influential about Bruce’s investigation into Schneider’s involuntary martyrdom, is her persistence in exposing the multidimensional, possibly Luciferian cabal currently attempting to manipulate our governments, military and media to co-opt , in ultimate fashion, the world at large with its fear based agenda. The Philadelphia Experiment technology described within is only the beginning of such an inquiry, the tip of the relative iceberg.”

    I think this one is my favorite:

    “After these experiences, I integrated many of the above experiences into my own meditation and yoga practice and began concentrating on how not to be influenced/controlled by such parallel universes as Pruitt describes, such as Montauk Prime, Montauk 3 through 7, etc. by simply paying attention to where the energy was shifting in my brain when these parallel worlds started bleeding through in attempt to take over and convince me of their viability.”

    Read the rest of the article here: http://disinfo.com/pages/review/id993/pg1/

  2. Do check out The Disinformation Company’s site (it is entertaining), but don’t forget your tinfoil hat.
    Here is a quote:

    “The term “parapolitics” is one I like to promote because its alternative, “conspiracy theory”, has such a derogatory connotation in the larger media. Of course, the larger media (CNN/Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS) has no credibility in making any judgement about conspiracy writing or research. It is virtually owned by the military and serves only to disparage anything that isn’t a government or corporate press release. In You Are Being Lied To I tried to draw attention to Arthur Koestler’s old technique of looking at disparate things and trying to connect them in creative ways, as a means getting past the corporate dumb-down in the media and at some actual truth.”

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