Calculating Distance Between Points In MySQL

MySQL has some powerful, and perhaps underused spatial extensions, but the most interesting functions are still unimplemented: “Note: Currently, MySQL does not implement these functions…”

Among those as-yet unimplemented functions is DISTANCE(). Alternatives can be found here and here, though neither is clean or simple. I wonder if a simple MBRContains() is good enough, though…

3 thoughts on “Calculating Distance Between Points In MySQL

    • Excelent.
      It should be noted that that GLength is only acurate when the coordinate system is a flat grid projection. The links provided in the orignal post are for calculating geodesic distance (Non Euclidean) which is needed if your geometry is defined by lon/lat.

  1. regarding the issue with the flat grid i agree. However, does anyone know for which distances this effect is noteable? e.g. if i want to get all locations within 50 miles, does it really make a big difference?

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