Could BuddyPress Go The Distance?

Facebook and MySpace are trying to turn themselves into application platforms (how else will they monetize their audience?). Google is pushing OpenSocial to compete with it. But no matter what features they offer their users, they user still orbits the site.

Scot Hacker talks of BuddyPress changing the game, turning “social networks” from destination websites, to features you’ll find on every website. And the “social network” is the internet, with all those sites sharing information meaningfully.

Some might say this is little more than overgrown XFN, but Tris Hussey thinks Ning is on the ropes and Facebook should be worried.

At least the design shows all the right stuff.

2 thoughts on “Could BuddyPress Go The Distance?

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  2. BuddyDress it’s a word game among “press” and “dress”, because our intent is to create some cool dresses (themes) for BuddyPress: one of the most exciting things recently happened to the blog’s world. Our Facebuddy Theme gives a facebook looking style to Buddy Press and buddypressers seem to love it: 750 views and 70 downloads in the first day, and the website is not listed in google yet!

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