Flickr Adds Video

I asked for it in 2004, before YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, or Revver appeared on the scene, and before MySpace and Facebook added video sharing as a feature. Four years later they finally added it. Neil Rickards should get credit for creating the theme of “long photos” (Neil called them “moving photos”). And anybody who was around then isn’t the least surprised at how angry some are now about the new feature (see sarcastic response to that).

2 thoughts on “Flickr Adds Video

  1. The comment from your post’s last link — “can not haz moving imagiz” — is a mantra broadly applicable to loads of changing stuff in libraryville. or maybe not. It would make a cool forehead tattoo. maybe. or not.

  2. Hi Casey, thanks for the nod. I think Flickr have done a fantastic job with their Video implementation

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