Scriblio Feature: Text This To Me

Text This To Me

Take note of the “New Feature: Text this to your cellphone” line above.

Adam Brin of Tricollege Libraries explained that the “text this to me” feature he built to send location information about items in the library catalog as text messages to a user’s cell phone is being used as many as 60 times a day. That was the news I needed to decide to offer the feature in PSU’s Scriblio implementation.

The messages are handled by Clickatell via an API I added to bSuite, my do-everything plugin for WordPress (hmmm…what else can we SMS enable?).

5 thoughts on “Scriblio Feature: Text This To Me

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  2. Nice.

    would it make sense to do an “email me this” as well? My mobile phone doesn’t have me pay for emails, but I pay by the each for SMS messages.

    I can imagine also a “twitter this to me” as well.

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  4. @Griffey: $.06 per message. It’s more expensive than email gateways, though more reliable and faster than.

    @Edward Vielmetti: Yes! I’m working on a unified notification framework that includes SMS, Twitter, email, and enough open hooks to integrate future services, all wrapped up with user-selectable options about what messages get delivered via what medium.

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