Apache, MySQL, and PHP on MacOS X

p0ps Harlow tweeted something about trying to get an AMP environment running on his Mac. Conversation followed, and eventually I sent along an email that look sorta like this:

If you’re running 10.4 (I doubt it, but it’s worth mentioning because I’m most familiar with it), here’s how I’ve setup dozens of machines for web development and WordPress:

Install MySQL

Install Marc Liyanage’s PHP 5 package

From there all you have to do is install WordPress.

10.5 changed lots of this (as you probably already know). The good news is that it includes current versions of the AMP suite. The bad news is that the PHP doesn’t include a number of useful components. Still, it will run WordPress and I’ve got it working on my laptop. These directions look like pretty much what I had to do:


It’s likely none of that will be helpful, in which case you will have discovered why I’m no longer a sysadmin.

Marc Liyanage‘s builds of PHP for Mac are probably the easiest to use and they include most all the extensions a person could want, but he hadn’t released a package for Leopard at the time (he’s got a release in beta now). As it turned out, p0ps actually was running 10.4, and he got things going in a jiffy.

4 thoughts on “Apache, MySQL, and PHP on MacOS X

  1. @Jody: Ironically p0ps started with MAMP but couldn’t make it work, and I didn’t know at the time that MAMP was a product and not simply the suite of applications he wanted.

    MAMP may work for some, but it seems like a lot of work and trouble to me.

  2. In my experience MAMP is great for quick n’ dirty local development (literally drag-n-drop install), but shouldn’t be used if you want to set up a server for remote access.

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