People Make Scriblio Better

It’s way cool to see Lichen‘s Scriblio installation instructions translated to Hungarian. Even cooler to have Sarah the tagging librarian take hard look at it and give us some criticism (and praise!). But I’m positively ecstatic to see Robin Hastings’ post on installing Scriblio (it’s not easy on Windows, apparently).

Part of it is pride in seeing something that I’ve been working on for so long finally get out into the world, but Scriblio really does get better with every comment or criticism. And it takes giant leaps forward every time somebody installs it and reports on how it went. Way cool. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “People Make Scriblio Better

  1. Casey, I wonder if you will remember me. I am the Director of the Butte Public in Montana. I had hoped to get you to talk some sense to our library community about OSS. ANYWAY, good news I am trying to get up and running with KOHA and you and your LTR were my inspiration. Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks!
    Lee Phillips
    Please don’t laugh at our little web presence…at least we have our own server and we are adding a Debian server for KOHA very exciting for a non-tech like me.

    I’d love to hear from you, so you can appreciate our progress.

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