bSuite 3 Released

[innerindex]I started bStat in 2005 when I ported my blog from pMachine to WordPress and needed to bring over the tools I’d built to identify popular stories and recent comments. I renamed it bSuite when I added tagging and other features to it. Now it’s bSuite 3.

Get it here. Get installation details here, and users of previous versions should check the upgrade instructions here.


CMS enabling goodies

  • Adds excerpt field to the page editing screen.
  • Adds category selector to the page editing screen.
  • A pagemenu thingie (token) to list the child pages of the current page.

Hacking goodies

  • Tokens are thingies you put in the post of page content that get replaced with the results of a PHP function. A number of tokens are built in, but they’re extendable; bSuite Slideshow offers one example of how another plugin could leverage tokens.



  • Zach, Matt, and Cliff have all offered more than their share of help throughout the development process.

4 thoughts on “bSuite 3 Released

  1. I’m new to bSuite. It looks cool and I’ve got some ideas for how I’d like to use it, but I’m not sure where to start.

    Where can I find usage examples of the functions?

  2. Installed 3.02, but the ‘popular posts’ widget isn’t respecting its settings related to limiting the number of posts shown. It’s showing everything that’s been viewed since I installed the plugin.

    How should I proceed?

  3. I decided to take a look at bstat.php and found the pop_posts() function.

    I changed the line
    $limit = ‘LIMIT ‘ . (0 + $args[‘count’]);


    $limit = ‘LIMIT 6’; //. (0 + $args[‘count’])

    (in this particular case, I wanted 6 results returned)

    I know this is a hack, and that it is hard-coded, so that it can’t be changed by adjusting the values from within the widget.

    Is there a place where I’m supposed to file bugs for bstat?

  4. Hey!

    The latest version of bSuite I tried seems to have a bug in it that only manifests itself on the ‘write page’ page.

    Basically I was getting:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'bSuite::insert_excerpt_form' was given in /mnt/200GB/www/ on line 164

    Looking at core.php, I noticed that there was a function called edit_insert_except_form. renaming it to insert_except_form made things right again.

    Just thought you might want to know.


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