Is The API Public? is throwing a bone to WordPress users with their new AnswerLinks plugin written by Alex King.

But wait, there’s an API? A few pokes at the Google machine reveal nothing relevant, and’s site is mum too. Taking apart the code, I get the following (modded enough to make it run-able if you drop it in the base of your WordPress install):

$snoop = new Snoopy;
$snoop->read_timeout = 5;
	, array(
		'text' => “Put a long-ish string of meaningful text here, then look for interesting stuff in the print_r'd output.”

If the input string isn’t sufficiently long, the output will be empty (eliminating one of my potential uses for it), but it’s interesting to twiddle., API, AnswerLinks, hacking, remixable, mashable

2 thoughts on “Is The API Public?

  1. I sent 1 word over a POST request to this URL and the text returned successfully. It wasn’t hyperlinked but all the text returned in XML format.
    What do you send that it returns blank?
    BTW, it is a cool tool. It creates great links. It links really valuable words.

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