Copyleft: Defending Intellectual Property

Anybody who thinks Free Software is anti-copyright or disrespectful of intellectual property should take a look at Mark Jaquith’s post, What a GPL’d Movable Type means. Let’s be clear, Anil Dash takes issue with Jaquith’s interpretation, but the point is Jaquith’s offense at what appears to be Six Apart’s grabbiness for any code somebody might contribute.

Freedom 0 was one thing, the willingness of a person to pour his or her sweat into something, then watch somebody else (or even risk watching somebody else) profit from it is another.

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One thought on “Copyleft: Defending Intellectual Property

  1. Gee. If we’re going to talk about profiting from the sweat of others, how about your own actions, Casey? You wrote a three-sentence blog entry devoid of any substantial content or comment; your blog is festooned with for-profit ads; your three-sentence blog entry links to three other blog entries that actually contain some thoughtful analysis with a total of one ad (for the author’s own book) between the three blogs.

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