iPhone Troubled, Replaced

iPhone Replacement Receipt

On Thursday I had trouble answering a call. By Friday night it was clear my iPhone was seriously porked. A visit to the nearby Apple store got me a swift replacement, and a promise that once I synchronized the new device it’d have all the info the old one did.


Well, the Mac Genius did ask if I had any photos I hadn’t offloaded, as those would be lost in the swap. But, as it turns out, there’s a lot of info that gets lost when an iPhone is either swapped or gets a firmware reset (my phone first got the reset, then when symptoms persisted, replaced).

Things that should be simple to back up on an iPhone, like contacts in the favorites list aren’t, same for special ring tones I’d set for various contacts and they were all lost even after the restore. It may be less surprising that various settings and preferences, the default ringtone or whether to sound an alert when new email arrives, are lost. Those are fairly easy to reset, but a real shock to me was that any data in the notes application is lost. And, unfortunately, I’d started to keep a lot of info in there. Everything from ideas I wanted to followup to trivia that, well, like any trivia, just couldn’t be filed elsewhere.

The loss of those notes was a painful surprise, and a reminder how delicate my digital world is.

Then, while enjoying the iPhone as a diversion between flights in PHX, I realized that my browser cookies weren’t backed up. Cookies aren’t expected to be persistent, not even by me, but it was just another thing and a reminder of my frustration that the iPhone doesn’t save website passwords the way big-screen Safari does (though some websites leverage cookies to make it less troublesome, but when cookies aren’t sync’d…).

That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my iPhone (so don’t ask if you can have mine). Some of this is part of the bargain early adopters take on, but I also expect these issues will be addressed in software soon.

Extra: oddly, the replacement iPhone was retail boxed, and this receipt is very different from how I’ve seen them handle repairs/replacements of Mac products. The best part is the receipt shows my warranty was extended a few weeks.

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4 thoughts on “iPhone Troubled, Replaced

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  2. Hey, question: When you got your replacement phone were there any directions on what to do? I just got a replacement and it seems like I have to fully activate this thing again, signing on with At & T again, etc. Did you have to go through all of that?

    Are there any threads on activating a replacement i-phone? Any help is appreciated.

  3. @Alicia: I exchanged mine at the Apple Store, and they activated it for me. I’ll admit that I didn’t see what they did clearly, and still have questions.

  4. I have a Iphone with a broken glass and Apple pretend to charge $250 to repair it I found this robbery specially went there is no insurance, and when thy launch the iphone it was supposed to durable and the glass of very hight quality, well is not true what is true is that if you pay $600 for a Iphone and they make you stay in the phone for an hour you will pay the crazy amount of $250 dollars for a pice of glass so special that breaks with almost no effort.

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