Designing the Obvious

Robert Hoekman, Jr

Robert Hoekman, Jr is speaking now on Designing the Obvious, his book and philosophy:

These principles include building only what’s necessary, getting users up to speed quickly, preventing and handling errors, and designing for the activity.

I just added the book to my must read list, but what I’m hearing here sounds like instructions to a sculptor: chip away all that is not David.

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4 thoughts on “Designing the Obvious

  1. Casey –

    I’m very glad you enjoyed the presentation. I must say, I was really surprised to see my photo up on your site. My wife is very much a “Library 2.0” librarian and she reads your blog all the time, so I instantly recognized your handle on Flickr and I linked over from there. We’re both quite happy to know that librarians are attending events like WordCamp.

    If you happen to be at the WordCamp event this evening, please introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you.

    Thank you.

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