Cut And Paste Is A Skill Too

[Update: Keith pointed out that my small disclaimer at the end isn’t clear enough. This post is copied, stolen, cut and pasted in its entirety from Keith’s blog, ISTP Dad. I was glad to learn of the story, and this was meant to be ironic and funny.]

An editorial in the Washington Post is explicit about a topic close to my heart: students think plagiarism is fine, and teachers (high school? college?) realize that there’s not much point in assigning papers if they expect 100% original work.

…the educational system needs to acknowledge what the paper is today: more of a work product that tests very particular skills — the ability to synthesize and properly cite the work of others — and not students’ knowledge, originality and overall ability.

The comments on this editorial are worth a read as well. Not everybody agrees with the sentiment.

(Cut and pasted verbatim from ISTP Dad.)

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7 thoughts on “Cut And Paste Is A Skill Too

  1. What gives with totally copying one of my posts? Nuke your post please, or edit in a reasonable way : “ISTP Dad points out an editorial at the Washington Post which states that plagiarism on the job is often a good thing and schools shouldn’t be trying so hard to stop kids from doing it.”

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  2. @Kieth:

    Sorry, the irony obviously wasn’t as funny as I meant.

    I certainly didn’t mean you any harm, or to suggest that your words and thoughts were really mine.

    You’ve got some great content at your blog, thank you for bringing that item and so many others to my attention.

  3. O.K. this is funny. Someone getting pissed off over a “copy and paste” of his own articla about “copy and paste”.

    Maybe Katie Couric thought it was funny copying the WSJ’s article and then reading it on the air. Oh wait, that was an homage! *lmao* Love it.

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  4. of course cut and paste is a kind of best skill and is usually use in office package and i am also using this two skills

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