Conflict Management

How to talk down your adversary: “There is no reproach between me and you except the stabbing of kidneys and the chopping of heads.”

I should acknowledge that the quote above comes from a story in [url=,1294,58356,00.html]Wired News[/url].

2 thoughts on “Conflict Management

  1. Conflict management is an important aspect that should be incorporated to all human beings. Involved or not, a person may have the right to create a peaceful resolution and allow cooler heads to dominate. What is scary when conflicts errupt is the tendecy for violence to occur. More often than not, it is hard to make amends when the conflict is deep. However, a sound conflict management regimen could potentially make things better.

  2. lol “stabbing of the kidneys and chopping of the heads”. That’s how we often feel in conflict whether we like to admit it or not.

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