World’s Smallest Horse


Thumbelina is smaller than a decent dog. So small, in fact, that the Guinness folks — no, not those Guinness folks — recognize her as the smallest. From Boing Boing:

Thumbelina is the world’s smallest horse. She weighs 60lb and is five years old. She was born on a ranch that specializes in breeding miniature horses. She is thought to have dwarfism, which makes her even tinier.

But she’s not alone. The Burleson’s Black Beauty may be an awkward lap-horse, but she held the title for five years until Thumbelina undercut her by an inch in 2006. That made Cuddles angry, of course.

Two more things you didn’t know: The world’s largest rocking horse is much bigger than you think, and equestrians like to be on top.

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7 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Horse

  1. I would like to know how to get informaton on small horses. I have a friend that has one that is very small. He is 21 inches tall and 24 inches long.

    Thanks Susan

  2. That is amazing. Is that horse kept as an “indoor” pet? Or it it an outside one?

    Is that horse able to be bred?

    I’ve got some horses on the opposite end of the size spectrum – large thoroughbreds (that look like they may have some draft somewhere in their blood lines). I’ve got some information/pictures posted of them at: We have 2 thoroughbreds of our own – and we board 2 others that are retirees/layups. I wonder how our horses would react to that tiny one? I would assume they would treat it more like a dog/cat, than they would treat it like a “horse”.

    Again, amazing – simply amazing!

  3. hello…!!!! that kind of horse is very rare.. and it’s very nice to took at……….

    hope i have thats kind of horse too…. ahehehe

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