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Ryan tried to tell me about it a month ago, Jessamyn gets the idea but uses Facebook instead, DeWitt fell for it, Ross said it tipped the tuna, and now I’m finally checking Twitter out. I signed up yesterday and immediately went looking for ways to connect Twitter, Plazes, and iChat.

Tweet is an AppleScript that works with Quicksilver (a launcher) and Twitterrific (a desktop Twitter client) to make updating even easier. Matt Matteson updated it to set iChat status, and Ruben Broman added Plazes integration.

What’s it good for? Think of it like a snack-sized micro mini blog if you want. Or think of it like chatting with your 500 (or 5 million) closest friends. Or think of it as another way of extending personal presence in the electronic age, little bits of information that exist in the environment.

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2 thoughts on “Twittter Twittter Twittter

  1. I finally broke down and tried Twitter too. All the hype made me want to hate it — but I kept having “light bulb” moments. Eventually I wrote an analysis of the whole experience — in the form of a series of Twitter updates!

    P.S. I found your page because I was trying to figure out why our story about world sex laws was suddenly getting so many referrals from Turkish porn users.

    From your “Incoming Searches” sidebar, it looks like you’re experiencing the same thing!


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