A Visual Explanation of Web 2.0

Kansas State University‘s Digital Ethnography group — “a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography” — posted this visual explanation of Web 2.0. It’s by Michael Wesh, assistant professor of cultural anthropology, and it rocks.

Text is unilinear…when written on paper.

Digital text is different.

Hypertext can link.

With form seperated from content, users did not need to know complicated code to upload content to the web.

Who will organize all of this data? We will. You will.

Digital text is not longer just linking information…Web 2.0 is linking people…people sharing, trading, and collaborating.

We’ll need to rethink a few things…

Thanks to the Google Operating System blog for bringing this to my attention.

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3 thoughts on “A Visual Explanation of Web 2.0

  1. Very interesting. Some good ideas in here, particularly at the end about the changes needed in us.

    Funny also, for my visceral reaction during the piece was overload from the speed and quantity of the information I was trying to absorb. Makes my head spin.


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