Neg’s Urban Sprinting

I might watch more TV if I didn’t live in the US. Well, I used to like watching World’s Wildest Police Chases on Spike while knocking back a few at the bar after work, but they re-arranged the schedule a while back and it’s just not the same. So clearly I have to sit around waiting for people to forward me goodies like this.

Yeah, it’s Neg’s Urban Sprinting, which apparently aired on a show named “Balls of Steel,” and it’s just one in a brilliant series. To wit: Big Stranger Rodeo and Make Them Move. Sadly, YouTube lists only three; gladly there’s this and this.

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5 thoughts on “Neg’s Urban Sprinting

  1. this site is confusing I’d really just like the know the name of the industrial track this guy uses as his theme music… the search topics for this made it seem the info was available.

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