Sealand For Sale

Principality of Sealand

Principality of Sealand, a WWII-era gunnery platform called Roughs Tower, in the North Sea outside Britain’s pre-1968 three nautical mile claim of sovereign waters, is for sale.

Yep, the “land” declared by some as the world’s smallest micronation will go to the highest bidder. Ravage by fire (2006), beset by marauders (1978), and generally ignored by the world’s governments (all time), it’s, well, it is what it is.

And now The Pirate Bay hopes to buy Sealand. Yep, it’s true, and they’ve setup a site to accept donations.

Credits: Roderick tipped me off to this about a month ago, and Jon excoriated me for not posting on it.

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6 thoughts on “Sealand For Sale

  1. Have you ever read William Gibson’s “Mona Lisa Overdrive”? The novel contains a scenario about an old oil rig which was once used by so called “cowboys” (hackers, crackers, pirates? You name it) to store, serve and share data “legally” because it was placed in international waters.

    Very interesting… 🙂

  2. If you were to come under siege would any country help. I mean it seems that you would be screwed if someone tried to invade you.

  3. The MPAA will claim Osama Bin Laden is on that sealand and the US will bomb the hell out of it… citing of course “creditable information was available at the time”.

    Everyone seems to be finding ways to steal some copyright material cause their idea of how the MPAA runs things is wrong. Maybe it is — but the hoi polloi certainly don’t get a say, and you’re one of them. Go out there and buy a movie, music cd or game. Why the hell do you want to steal? Do you steal in a supermarket? What you’re fighting is convenience and price, and it’s a battle you’re destined to lose. Why? Well cause the pirate idiots feel that stealing is “OK” cause the MPAA “sucks”. The Internet has basically brought all the idiots together, and a few of the clever ones are charging you for things they do not own … this is _wrong_. Can’t wait for the MPAA to sort out some form of intelligent design to paying for material electronically is no excuse to steal from them.

    Grow up. Piracy is bad, mmmkay?

    • Defying intellectual property law is not the same as going into a supermarket and stealing tangible resources. In fact the enforcement of intellectual property laws is more like stealing in that it denies people the right to use their own physical property as they choose. You and many others obviously been brainwashed by big industry into accepting the limitations placed upon your use of your own physical property. Again there is a difference between me going into a shop and stealing a CD/DVD and someone who OWNS a CD/DVD copying or uploading it with the intent that I download it. I think intellectual property will fail on the long term in any country where the people can think critically as it is an impossition and not a form of protection. If you don’t want to share your ideas then keep them to yourself, if you do want to put information media etc out into the open then don’t suddenly assume the right to restrict others from expressing that information in physical form whether it be a CD/DVD, machine, medicine etc.

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