WordPress 2.1 + WPopac

I’ve been following WP2.1 development, but Aaron Brazell’s post in the development blog wrapped up a lot of questions all at once.

The short story is that 2.1 is going to bring some really good changes that will allow more flexibility and better optimization of WPopac. Of the four changes Brazell names, the last two, the addition of the post_type column and a change in usage of the post_status column, are where the money is.

I’m awaiting the final release of 2.1 before building the necessary changes into WPopac, but the benefits will be worth it.

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One thought on “WordPress 2.1 + WPopac

  1. Hi, please, is Wpopac allready downloadable from somewhere? Or please, can you send me the actual version (of course if you want to make it public) – i want it just for inspiration, as i want to make a plugin which will use wordpress also as a database background, with its user rights etc, and wpopac seems to perfectly fit to this, so it may be very helpfull for my development. Thank you a lot

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