Ministry of Truth = George Bush’s Whitehouse

The Huffington Post pointed out how the White House is doctoring video of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech from May 2003. Visitors to now get a video that crops out the mission accomplished sign.

How Orwellian will this president get? “The future of evil is in manipulating information.”

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    Ministry of Love Announces Doubleplusgood Book Collection Activity

    The Ministry of Love announces its fourth-quarter plan to gather 315
    separate copies of George Orwell’s landmark novel 1984, from proles
    and party comrades alike, all across our brave homeland.

    Once collected, all 315 copies will be mailed separately to each
    Member of Congress who voted YEA on the Military Commissions Act
    (a.k.a. The Torture Bill) on September 28th and 29th, in the sixth
    year of our glorious leader’s regime. These shipments will occur with
    great fanfare, and hopefully, a television news crew on hand to
    capture the momentous occasion for inclusion in the Ministry of
    Truth’s ever-growing archives.

    In case you’ve forgotten, our glorious leader’s regime has gifted us
    with the following remarkably Orwellian achievements:
    * spying on ordinary citizens without their knowledge
    * paid propaganda masquerading as news reports
    * removal by Thought Police of ungoodthinkers (protesters) from all
    Party rallies and celebrations featuring our glorious leader
    * community members encouraged to report “suspicious activities” of
    neighbors and co-workers
    * the promise of an endless war

    Now, through the farsightedness of these distinguished 315 Inner Party
    Members, House and Senate, we can add sanctioned torture and
    indefinite detainment of suspects to that noteworthy list.

    To recognize those who have brought us one step closer to the utopian
    world envisioned by Orwell, Miniluv will enclose a handwritten note
    with each copy of 1984, thanking each 315 Inner Party Member
    individually for their achievement.

    Already, books are arriving from comrades across our virtuous nation,
    but we are still far from our goal. We need your help!

    Send new and used copies of 1984 to the following address:
    Ministry of Love
    Box 655
    Guilford, CT 06437

    If ordering online, have books shipped directly to Miniluv
    If you would like your donation earmarked for a particular Inner Party
    Member, please note that with your shipment.
    Goodthinkers always use media mail rates for shipping books.
    Donations for postage to the Inner Party Members are doubleplushelpful.

    Finally, remember:


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