Whitcher Sawmill Burned

Mill Fire

I described it to Jessamyn in an IM last night:

lights flickering here,
sirened vehicles passing frequently,
smell of smoke hangs in air outside

The Globe reported it this way:

WARREN, N.H. — A sawmill went up in flames during the night in Warren (New Hampshire).

Fire officials say they may never know what started the flames at the K.E. Whitcher mill around ten o’clock last night. The three-alarm fire quickly engulfed the building.

No one was hurt as firefighters from 13 communities battled the flames, but the mill is a total loss and the fire chief says there is so much burned rubble, they may never figure out how the fire started.

He said it’s not considered suspicious. [link added]

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One thought on “Whitcher Sawmill Burned

  1. Sorry to hear of your Mill burning down, but I assume it will give you the perfect time to update your equipment.
    By the way I’m from the South West of Devon UK.
    31 miles from the migration point of the Plymouth to Canada and the USA.
    The Family {WHITCHER} originates from Hampshire
    Good luck to you for the futur.
    Best wishes
    John F Whitcher

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