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I needed a quick, perhaps even sloppy way to output an array as XML. Some Googling turned up a few tools, including Simon Willison’s XmlWriter, Johnny Brochard’s Array 2 XML, Roger Veciana Associative array to XML, and Gijs van Tulder’s Array to XML. Finally, Gijs also pointed me to the XML_Serializer PEAR Package.

In an example of how even the smallest barriers can turn people away, I completely ignored the two possible solutions at PHP Classes, because navigating and using the site sucks. I passed on Willison’s function because, well, it didn’t look like it would do enough of what I wanted. Despite Gijs’ recommendation of the PEAR module, I was happy enough to use his array_to_xml function, as it did what I needed and required the lest work for the moment. I may revisit XML_Serializer sometime, but…

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  1. I agree with you on; it appears a little bit too informal for my liking — and while the rather strict coding standards that PEAR requires for acceptance of packages can be a barrier for the contributing developer, I’ve found in my ongoing development for File_MARC ( that those guidelines have really increased my faith in the general quality of the code maintained by the PEAR project. The review comments I have received so far have already helped improve my package proposals.


  2. I suggest taking a look at the PEAR package, it may be a bit heafty, but it is very worth while.

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  3. May nbe this code fragment helps!

    function array_to_xml($aArr, $sName, &$item = null) {
    global $dom;

    if (is_null($item))
    $item = $dom->createElement($sName);

    // Loop thru each element
    foreach ($aArr as $key => $val) {
    if (is_array($val)) {
    $sub = $dom->createElement($key);
    array_to_xml($val, $key, $sub);
    } else {
    // Add this item
    $sub = $dom->createElement($key, $val);

    return $item;

    $dom = new DOMDocument(‘1.0’);
    // create root element
    $root = $dom->createElement(‘bsr’);

    // create child element
    $info = $dom->createElement(‘info’);

    $aRes = array(
    ‘subarray’=> array(

    $restree = array_to_xml($aRes, ‘result’);

  4. I found this on PHP classes, saved me big time, way simpler than the above solution. I simplified the class here:

    function array_to_xml($array, $root = false, $head = true)
        $xml = '';
        if ($head) $xml .= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>';
        if ($root) $xml .= '<' . $root[0] . ' xmlns="' . $root[1] . '">';
        $xml .= array_transform($array);
        return $xml;
    function array_transform($array)
        $xml = '';
        foreach($array as $k => $v) {
            if(!is_array($v)) {
                $vc = trim($v);
                if ($vc != '') $xml .= '<' . $k . '>' . $vc . '</'. $k . '>';
            else {
                $xml .= '<' . $k . '>';
                $xml .= array_transform($v);
                $xml .= '</' . $k . '>';
        } // end foreach
        return $xml;
    $xml = array_to_xml($sub_create, array('ROOT', 'ROOT.xsd'));
    echo $xml;

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