22 thoughts on “Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dead

  1. Its said about the larger than life Steveo.He will be greatly missed in my home.Yes he made some crazey moves and may not have pleased everyone all the time but he was in control of every thing he done.He mastered it all.He just got caught up in the moment and crowded the ray and it reacted.Its said.Being on the edge comes with a price.It was just his time.He was a very great family man.The Long family will miss you a great deal Steveo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I feel the same way John i feel like my brother died, i was fond of his love for life and creation….It is hard to believe that a larger than life person can die so easily, i heard it once said if life is so valuable why is it so fragile. He has been dead over a month and i still think about him and pretend he is still alive, he will always live on the re-runs of The Crocodile Hunter….frozen forever at 44 years of age. rest in peace Steve, we will always miss you.

  3. i’m from romania and i cant explain to myself what happened….i loved him like my brother i stiil love him and il never forget him.Terry by strong becose he will guide you from heaven.Steve you are still the best,rest in peace adn i’m sure il never forget you not naw not ever

  4. Steve, you are deeply missed my son admires you. when he gets older he wants to be just like you. Rest in peace.

  5. Hi Terri I am yours and STEVE’S biggest fan.I was crushed when I heard STEVE was dead.I am 11 years old I have been watching your show sense I was 10 months.I got your book STEVE and ME TERRI IRWIN I got the book for Christmas.I moved to SOUTH CAROLINA in the USA.My dream is to work for you and I want to go to your zoo.YOUR BIGGEST FAN ANTHONY FOWLER.

  6. i am steve irwins biggest fan. i liked steve irwin.. i am sorry and very upset about his accident which claimed his life. we enjoyed watching him on animal plante.

  7. Steve Irwin will be greatly missed where ever he was everyone misses him. it is a great loss for everyone. his family would have the most but they are getting along just fine and i hope that they would want everyone to get along witht there lives to.

    miss you Steve Irwin


  8. steve is a great man and has been working hard to satisfie his fans by being in danger.he has worked with dangerous animals like stingrays,crocodiles, and other animals. he was a great family man and has done alot to improve our lives.

  9. How ironic, avoid gators your entire life, and get killed by another less aggressive creature. It like the people who survive war only to come home to get hit by a car.

  10. I Loved 2 watch the crocodile hunter he was a great influnce 2 me i am 13 i love him.He was great

  11. i’m the greatest fan of steve i’m show his almost all the programmes when i heard that he was late i am very sad i like his all the programme so much

  12. You are my hero.I like to be your as a working field and passionate towads wildlife.I never forget you in my whole life your contribution.I also conributed my whole life to saving our beautiful creature.I loved wildlife,I love conservation programme,and most important all of us kid attention for saving future and moves towards betterment.I regulate your work continuously.
    My sincere hero

  13. I am a huge fan of Steve Irwin Im 32 and i cryed like a baby when i heared the news of Steves death. I am an animal lover. I was a zookeeper I truley believe he made a differance in the eyes of the children that watched him on t.v. He put the passion in their eyes and hearts. I believe one day our great cetaceans, lions,tigers,apes. will not die off but be saved by our children who watched Steve Irwin with their hearts just the way I did. It is thme to stand up and protect mother earth. theirs a reson she is called MOTHER EARTH she heals us when we are sick. shelters us from the weather. feeds us when we are hungry. We are still killing her sloly by destroying her land, killing her wildlife, putting smog in her air. Steve Irwin wants us all to fight for the weak and the ones who do not have a voice of their own. “CROCS RULE” miss you mate from the bottom of my heart email me anyone at ktoloane@hotmail.com

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