Dr. Frankenstein’s Stress-o-Meter

Mark VI

The Scientologists regularly have a table on Powell St., somewhere near Union Square.

The game here, if it’s not obvious, is to invite people to take a free stress test, then sit them down and twiddle those unlabeled dials until the needle starts twitching. The blood red table cloth is sure to help.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Frankenstein’s Stress-o-Meter

  1. I have a friend who used to walk past the Scientology Church (recruitment center? Storefront? Abduction zone?) ever day as he went about his business in Berkeley. Always curious about it, he eventually went in a took a “personality test,” I think they called it.

    He failed. They said he needed lots of help.

    He went home, told his friends, who told him, “look, they must do that to everyone.” Of course, he thought: everyone is told the have problems, and the solution offered is always Scientology.

    So one of his friends went to take the test to show him it was all rigged.

    The guy tested as perfectly normal. Thanks for coming in, no suggestions that he needed help, nada. Which didn’t really help my friend’s state of mind at all.

  2. And the Con marches on.

    The classic con, brought to you by the Ghost of L.Ron Hubbard.

    The Hard Sell and The Mark !

    The desperate, the diaspora and the delusional, always available for easy exploitation !

  3. please tell me:
    After someone make a statement that affect his or her emotional state in a negative way. would your stress-o-meter
    pick it up. If yes, how accurate is it? Would it pick up a light emotional stress as well.

    Please answer me. Thank you.

  4. scientologist r a bunch of whack jobs. that personality test/stress tests are rigged. If u covert to tthem you lose your personality even more.

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