Joe’s Favorite Novels

Will pressed Joe, asking him to name his top ten favorite books. Joe pressed back, saying such lists were ridiculous, but still, sometime later he emailed with the following:

Okay, here are the books that got to me at certain points in my life. Not sure I would view them all the same now, but this is a list of sorts.

I found this an interesting challenge, and of course impossible…I have more lists but I stuck to novels…

Top ten novels by female authors

Top ten novels by male authors

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2 thoughts on “Joe’s Favorite Novels

  1. I find it interesting that Joe broke down his lists into male and female authors – he just couldn’t narrow it down anymore? Because technically that’s a list of his 20 favorite books, not his 10 favorite…

  2. Well Sara, I find it interesting, too, but only from the standpoint that some of us have far too many “favorites” to narrow them to even 20. Such are some creative, avid readers (who live through the reading, often! And we love that!)
    When I read Joes’ book, A Barn in New England, I thought of We Took to the Woods, one of my favorites, and behold! he has listed it as one of his favorites.
    Methinks that I share a common love of challenge related to homespace with Joe, Wendy, and Pie.

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