…It’s How You Use It

Not A Pretty Librarian has kicked things off well with a first post titled “It Is Not A Tool,” covering an argument about which has more value to a teenager: a car or a computer.

On one side is the notion that “She can’t drive herself to work with a computer.” While, on the other side is the growing likelihood that she won’t drive to work at all, but instead simply work at whatever computer she has available. But then, this is a teenager, and maybe practical matters like work don’t top the list. And that’s where Not A Pretty Librarian (who are you?) asks:

Can you imagine being nineteen right now without computer access?

Indeed, when college students are spending so much time on AIM and logging into Facebook daily, is a car really as important as a computer in a teenager’s social life? When 89 percent of students start their research in a search engine, isn’t the computer more important than a car to get to the library?

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One thought on “…It’s How You Use It

  1. “Want fries with that?” usually doesn’t work as a telecommuting job. Particularly for teenagers, I’d say locality is still a pretty significant part of work for a substantial percentage of the jobs they’re likely to get.

    That said, maybe it’s a generational thing, but ownership of a car at 19 sure wasn’t automatically assumed back in the day.

    I think if I was 19 (hah!), I’d consider a computer more important than a car…particularly because I should be able to borrow someone else’s car. (And a shiny new computer’s a whole lot cheaper than any but the grungiest car.)

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