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WPopac, a project I started on my nights and weekends, is now officially one of my day-job projects too.

We’ve been using our WPopac-based catalog as a prototype since February 2006, but the change not only allocates a portion of my work time specifically to the development of the project, but also reflects the library‘s decision to transition to WPopac as a our primary web OPAC.

Work to make a general release of the WPopac software available for download and use by any library (or anybody who wants to present structured data with faceted searching on the web) is in progress. And, as noted here, I’m also working with other libraries to bring WPopac-based catalogs online elsewhere.

In the meantime, I’m headed to WordCamp in San Francisco on August 5th, and the new WPopac blog has become the official source of news and information regarding the project.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Official

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  2. Take this as a friendly question: Will the official version include, say, pages, year of publication, publisher, or even the fact that something is a book as opposed to a video or sound recording?

    I think it’s a really interesting project–but when I finally went to try it, I was a little stumped by the lack of descriptive information. (I’m one of those who actually might care about the difference between a 200-page and 800-page book on the same subject, or between a 1940 and 2004 book on, say, biochemistry.)

    Maybe I’m missing it…

    [Which is another way to say: There’s a lot “right” about WPOpac, which made what’s “wrong” stand out more…]

  3. I am intrigued by your WOpac and was wondering if you had seen AjaxWp.

    I think AjaxWp could really add to the wonderful work you have already done!

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