Lawn Mower Speed Record

lawn mower on the salt flats

It’s late summer and the heat wave killed the grass on your lawn, so what better to do than challenge Bob Cleveland’s record for the fastest lawn mower yet? Not sure your mower has what it’ll take to race down the salt flats at over 80 MPH? Wimp.

Utah’s KSL TV quotes Bob saying “we don’t need a whole lot of horsepower to go fast.” And when you look at the tiny wheels on that thing, well, you’ve gotta imagine you can do better.

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32 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Speed Record

  1. ok i have an old torro ridin lawn mower and im lookin to make it go fast for as cheap as possible, could you please tell me how to make it go fast for as cheap as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEL{P ME

  2. just went to the 1/4 mile drags turned 17.58 at 76.71mph on a murry lawn mower comin after that fastest lawn mower title Bob

  3. I’ve never seen this before but right now Im in the process of fitting a 110hp 617cc twin l/c sled engine into my riding mower, really limited on space but cant wait till its finished!

  4. fuck you thats slow were gunna blow u out of the water we got a cr 500 the does about 180 so your fucked your gunna lose your fast speed record

  5. If your using a bike or snowmobile engine, then its not a lawn mower. I think to break the record you would have to use a lawn mower engine (like something that actually came in a mower to mow your lawn with). Just my 2 cents worth.

  6. I have raced mowers for three years and that is going 50mph on a 1/12th mile track with a 8hp briggs n’straton engine and a stock mower rear end. To get speed all you need to do is get the right pullies like a 7:3 ratio will push you to 55-60 no problem (thats a 7inch front to a 3inch rear). a 7:2 or 8:1 would probable get you to 80-90mph. for some real fun contact me a and leave me a message and i will try to answer any questions you have FREE OF CHARGE. this is to see how fast we can ge a MOSTLY STOCK LAWN MOWER. if you want to put stupid shit on it like a booster bottle or nos or a gocart tramsmission then it is up to you.

  7. Hey i have a yard machine i got my friend had..I want to make it faster but how.. I took the deck off and painted it and put an underglow on it.. it has an 11 and a half hp motor with 6 gears it shifts on go right now stock it go about 9 i wan it to go at least 15 and top of 35 if you have any tips email me at

  8. on my serries 2000 lawn mower i put go kart hubs on the rear 3 on 3 pattern and kart racing slicks all the way round its got a 2 inch on the rear and soon to be 7 on the motor it should scoot around pretty good!!!!



  10. HELP!!!!! i am building a half gocart/half mower. i have a tecumseh 700 trans and want to go atleast 40 mph but dont know how. can the gears inside be changed? help me

  11. i’ve got a 292 yamaha snowmobile engine and i want to put it on an old lawn chief. how do i do it?

  12. the whole frame is stripped. i’ve had an axle machined. but i’ve ran into problems.The axle is solid and i don’t know what the steerin is gonna be like. any suggestions?


    ok ive got a murry somthing and its got 12hp i want to make it like a go cart / mower with out the blade though please help me make it go fast at least over 10 MPH if any tips email me at thanks

  14. what kind of rear end do u recomend using besides my stock one with a 6 speed, i want to go to a chain drive, what would be the best for a rear axle there, go cart or what

  15. We are in the process of building a land speed record lawnmower, using a Cub Cadet transaxle and a V-twin Kohler. Right now on a 300′ pulling track and dragging a 10,000 lb weight transfer sled we are having ground speed (track speed) of 30 mph with a 50 mph gear, I think with a little regearing we should easily get there and we don’t use pulleys, that’s a pityful way to do it, we just use stock gearing now that’s a lawnmower to do it with stock gearing.

  16. You must use a lawn mower engine if you want to set the Lawn Mower speed records. Of course you can build it super fast with a motorcycle or snowmobile engine, but that is not what it’s about. Getting to 80mph with a well build lawn mower is easy and you will see a TRUE lawn mower over that speed without a doubt..

  17. If you are gonna build it to go fast and it doesn’t have to mow lawns then it does not matter what engine you put in it. the guy who is trying to beat the record right now has a kawasaki four cylinder in his mower. that’s the way to go.

  18. I was wondering if there was anyway I could contact Mr. Cleveland on some questions I had about the vanguard engine used on his record setting mower. I have the same series motor and can’t find aftermarket parts anywhere!!! I’m looking for a billet flywheel. If anyone can help email me at

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