Spark Fun’s GPS Data Logger

Spark Fun Electronics' GPS data logger

Engadget alerted me to this GPS data logger from Spark Fun Electronics.

The device records up to 440 hours of data to a 256MB SD card in either a simple text file or KML-compatible format that you can display in Google Earth.

I like it, I want one (actually, I want three, and I’ll eventually post about why), but the ad copy tweaked me a bit:

Pull the SD card, insert it into a card reader, […] and wammo–you can see what Casey did over lunch with a satellite image overlay. Take a look at the example screen shot. You can see what lane Casey was in! When he stopped at the light, his data points piled up. Fancy. Real fancy. Speed is also datalogged – it’s like Big Brother in the palm of your hand…

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One thought on “Spark Fun’s GPS Data Logger

  1. The way their site reads, little doubt is left as to what this device is to be used for. You could CLEARLY see which lane Casey was in, and that he had come to a complete stop at the light.

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