What’s So Great About Adium?

Brian Mann calls Adium “one of the best multi-network [IM] clients ever.” Tim Bray says it has a “wonderful user interface,” while also naming IM generally “an essential business tool.” Eric Meyer, meanwhile, exclaims “Adium is my new chat buddy.”

What’s so great about Adium? Gaim is the engine behind the scenes, but the face of the application is XHTML and CSS. Wit Meyer:

The entirety of an Adium chat window is an XHTML document that’s being dynamically updated via DOM scripting—all of it pumped through WebKit, of course. In creating a message theme, you define what markup will be used, and write CSS to style it. You can even define variants on your theme by writing additional style sheets.

So with all that, how can I not look at it?

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2 thoughts on “What’s So Great About Adium?

  1. Yep. Adium is WONDERFUL. Use it every day, and couldn’t get by without it.

    Now, if they would just incorporate video, I wouldn’t need to also run iChat from time to time.

  2. I use it. You can skin the heck out of it down to a skin that looks pretty much like you were just using TALK, remember TALK? it’s superstupid simple for out of the box functionality and it has all these haxie scripts you can use wiht it to do other fun stuff. Yay adium!

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