Asian Scooter Gangs

Taiwanese Scooter Gang

The members of this Taiwanese scooter gang might really be cooler than me. Well, they would be cooler if the scooter gangs weren’t also known to be violent:

A scooter gang viciously attacked and injured 12 teenagers — three critically — while on a violent joyride in Taipei County’s Tucheng City…

The gang of more than 20 scooter-riding thugs, who brandished large knives and baseball bats, went after most of their hapless victims as they were barbecuing for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Four teens have been taken into custody in connection with the attacks.

Apparently my understanding of scooters is very different from theirs. It’s sad, but the contradiction between a ridiculous looking scooter and an act of violent boggles me to smirking. They’d probably kick my ass.

(aside: why are the gangs known for their scooters and not for their violence? Are all Asian scooter gangs violent?)

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5 thoughts on “Asian Scooter Gangs

  1. hello i live in Taiwan^^
    and fell so suprised about the post.
    Taiwanese scooter gang is notorious,too bad….

    but i must tell you,taiwan is also a beautiful island with diffeirent cutulre and good food.

  2. hello from peru, I just love taiwan, the landscapes, the food, even its national hymn, which i’ve listened to….uhm, I hope to visit your country in the near future I cant wait anymore!

  3. They are waiting for the light to change…sorry that is not a gang, it is a stoplight. Somtimes in Taiwan they get their own lanes at a stoplight so that they are ahead of the real danger…AUTOMOBILES

    But watch your rear, I am in a gang


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