Flickr Goes Gamma

Just when we started wondering how much longer flickr would be beta, they announced gamma.

The new design had me scratching my head for a bit, but I’m coming to like the changes. The menu/toolbar in the header has direct links to a lot more stuff, while the stuff in the footer has many fewer links. I can’t really tell if there are any links missing there, or if they’re just organized better, as I really only used one or two of them anyway.

Searching is improved, and now there’s a fancy menu that pops up when you mouse over a buddy icon. Go take a look at it all.

Overall, it’s a nice improvement to my favorite online application.

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2 thoughts on “Flickr Goes Gamma

  1. Functionally, the new interface works poorly in the current version of Opera and is almost unusable in Opera 9 beta. Actually, the new Organizr doesn’t load in either the current version or the beta version of Opera.

    I was browsing Flickr when they pushed out the update and it was somewhat amusing to watch the navigation become unusable as my cached pages were reloaded.


  2. So far my experience is that the performance is terrible. It is slooooooooooow. I would have gladly traded glib version wordplay for something that had been sufficiently load tested and shaken out before they pushed it live. I hope they can get it straightened out within a short period of time.

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