Better Business Bureau Pulls One Out

I gave up on Hostgator a while ago, and I thought I’d cancelled my account until I noticed they were still charging me monthly (yeah, I should pay more attention to what’s on my CC bill). When I contacted them about it they claimed I never fully cancelled. Here’s a copy of the form I submitted:

HGSales #GSW-[[private]] 
October 3, 2005 8:10:40 PM EDT 
Department: Hostgator Sales 
Request Details: 
Your Email: : [[private]] 
Domain name: : 
Your sites username: : [[private]] 
Your sites password: : [[private]] 
Why do you wish to cancel? : Poor service. 
Do you give us permission to terminate your entire account 
as soon as you submit this form? : Yes 

Hostgator’s complaint was that they then responded to that with an email asking me to confirm that I wanted to close the account. Here’s the text of that message:


Was there anything we could assist you with 
to maintain your account today?

I ignored the message, as everybody involved knew there was nothing at that point they could do to keep my business. What I didn’t realize was that they were going to hold this over me a few months later when I realized they were still charging me the monthly hosting fees — even though I had checked the box clearly labeled “terminate [my] entire account!”

After being rebuffed by Hostgator, I contacted the Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau about the matter. I’m not exactly sure how these things work, but once the BBB interceded, Hostgator claimed they’d refund the hosting fees (though I have yet to see the refund).

Thing is, based on the comments I get on the original story, and the stuff I just read at, I’m not the only one who feels screwed by Hostgator. And instead of fixing their hosting problems and shaping up their shady customer service, they’re trying to C&D the site.

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6 thoughts on “Better Business Bureau Pulls One Out

  1. Hmm.. i had the same issue with HostGator. Forget BBB.. BBB is slow and full of retarded people who don’t give a damn. Try instead. It’s an interesting twist to BBB.

    PS: You can lookup HostGator on SpeedyWord and see what people say about that…

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  3. I had been trying to cancel my Hostgator account for weeks. I e-mailed, wrote and called. They still refused to confirm my cancellation.

    I called my credit card company – AMEX – and the last Hostgator charge was removed immediately. If they charge me again, that charge will be removed as well.

    American Express is the ONLY card I will use for any type of online purchase. And I can’t believe how fast my new web host servers are compared to Hostgator.

  4. I worked at Hostgator for a couple of months this year and believe me, it is the most incompetent and ridiculous place ever. Nobody knows what they are doing. When you try and chat with a tech when you have a problem what you might not realize is that that Tech is most likely chatting with 5 other customers as well as taking a call at the same time. It’s all about getting rid of the customer regardless of the information given. It was such a joke. I actually couldn’t believe I was working there. Stay away from them. You will thank me later.

  5. I have Directv, I called there Customer Service, my monthly bill showed 3 receivers as leased. I paid for every one of my receivers in full, asked why I was getting this charge, I was told that they are charging there customers for there monthly charge plus charging there customers a monthly $4.99 per receiver for using Directv. I was very upset cause to me this means that they are double dipping, they are charging there customer a monthly fee plus charging there customers for the receivers in there customers home even if they don’t belong to them. There has to be something that can be done about this. I was going to go with Dish Network but they own the company also. I do hope you can investigate.
    I don’t fell this is right. They were very dishonest about the receivers. they were telling when I asked about how much they charge for there HD DV receiver which i paid 299.00 for they are telling me they charge 399.00 then they told me they charge 799.00. I pray you can help not just me but all those other people that don’t know what to do.
    Thank you.

  6. I have the same reasons as the posters here. My CC expired and Thank God for that! I will be cancelling my HG account soon, so wish me luck guys. I have now paid my account in full at HG via MONEY ORDERS so they won;t be able to dip into my CC account. At the same time WAMU sent me my new CC with the new expire date, so I can know at least they wouldn’t be able to use my CC, just in case..

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