Bush: “I Invented The iPod”

W has an iPod.

President Bush, speaking in Alabama at the American Competitiveness Initiative, made a claim that would make Al Gore blush: he claimed to have invented the iPod.

After taking credit for the development of ultra-small hard drives, audio compression, and chemistry(?), he laid it out: “it turned out that those were the key ingredients for the development of the iPod.”

Tip o’ the hat to Engadget.

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17 thoughts on “Bush: “I Invented The iPod”

  1. George W. Bushpod
    this guy is the shizznit forget the politics the death and war.
    Its all about the iPod baby.

  2. hey u fucks.. leave me alone. i’m smart and cool and i love to help people! i INVENTED THE IPOD!!!!!!! Ok? and sure i’ll fuck you .. come over and we’ll do it in my office. adress: white house

  3. i don’t know **it about the president but i do know that he did not invent no f***in iPOd so stop taking credit for something that’s not true. bush is a fag

  4. George W. Bush will exit office soon but not till the 80gig ipod video was released and call me Nostrodamous cause here comes some more future reading the next iPod will be better so maybe by the time he gets impeached or serves his second term up Macintosh would have come up with the 100 gig model. Plus watch the rest of it improve steadily. Go listen to my music and put the mp3s in your iPod go to
    isound.com/ziplok and just go get them. The iPod would not have made so much progress under the Gore administration thats why destiny put Bush in his place. U.S. is a very confused political place with too many opinions thanks to technology Bush will be a historic figure in time for his recklessness to test new technologies and forge us to the 21rst Century every civilization does this study your history books you non educated political a holes.

  5. yes hi im jacky horan and ipod I INVENTED IPODS ok gd boiz oh and i also invented mp3 players so u can shuv it up ur hairy ass

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  6. Get ready to load up your songs into your iPhones thanx George W. you the mzzan. Now Ill call the white house in DC to congradulate you on your future success. Oh yeah go google search for Ziplok Yahoo search Ziplok Im on 94 music mp3 sites and now thanks to W. ill be on your iPhone in June for a mear 600 bucks. Peace Ziplok

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  7. i don’t believe he actually made the ipod. i think he is just tryng to take credit because it is so popular!!

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